Tasty Films was established at the beginning of 2008 by the producers Marc Benardout and Julian Stone. We make entertaining and thought-provoking television and film and are always proud of our achievements.  We never just talk about ideas, we make them happen with pure enthusiasm, hard work and exquisite taste.   Our individual track records speak for themselves and with over 45 years of combined experience on both sides of the Atlantic and across the globe, we truly are a very tasty option!

Marc Benardout (Producer) is an award-winning Producer/Director with over 22 years experience on both sides of the Atlantic. Marc first specialized in television commercials, directing over two hundred spots and producing as many, before diversifying into television and film. Most recently, Marc directed and produced the multi award-winning independent feature film “Sinner” which will PREMIER ON THE Showtime NETWORK in APRIL 2009 AND is released on DVD aPRIL 6TH. While actively developing and producing programming and feature drama for the US and UK, Marc, as owner of Birthmarc Inc., a full production service company, facilitates projects from across the globe ranging from short films, music videos, documentary and television drama.

Julian Stone (Producer).  After a successful and award-winning acting career on the stage and screen, from working with such Oscar-nominated directors as William Friedkin and Scott Hicks to being a household face in daytime soap opera, Julian returned to his writing roots with his first screenplay, Bang,Bang!, a lively contemporary cross between Trainspotting and a John Ford western. Other screenplays include A Life Done with Dying , a unique and timely true story of Scotsman John Keaveney, a man who only became a warrior when he learned to stop fighting; The Bookworm, a dark, thriller about urban dysfunction; and a fun, high-energy family film, Buccaneer’s Cove, that was most recently a 2008 Screenwriting finalist at the Big Bear International Film Festival.